Registration Date                                                                                                                                                       

- Regular registration deadline:                    June 30, 2019
                                                                     (Extended Date)


(or within 7 days from the date of issuing PAN/AAN)


Remark: The registration fee covers participating in conference scientific events, programme materials, free download proceedings, welcome reception, refreshments and banquet.


- On-site Registration:                                  September 8-11, 2019 (Paticipating as an audience only.)




Registration Fee



On or before June 30, 2019
or within 7 days from the date of receiving PAN/AAN

 Sept 8-11, 2019

Author who submitted the full paper

Participate with  Abstract

Participate only

On-site Registration

(Attend conference Only)















Day Rate:  USD280

Dinner only: USD80 (TBIS 2019 Award ceremony and Banquet on 10 September 2019.)
Accompanying Person: USD180 (only include lunch and social events)



PAN: Paper Acceptance Notification.
AAN: Abstract Acceptance Notification.
Delegates have the option to pay in RMB

The exchange rate on the day of payment processing will apply.
Valid full-time student proof is required.



Payment methods

1)  Online payment:

Pay in USD: Credit Card (Visa or Master Card).  click here   
Pay in CNY or HKD: Union Pay (Payment instruction is available in Chinese only. 银联卡支付) click here
Please note when using Unionpay to pay: Currency selection is still in “HKD"; however during the transaction CNY (RMB) will be automatically exchanged to HKD according the exchange rate on the transaction day.
Please refer to this link for the most updated exchange rate:
Remarks: If you choose online payment, please obtain the payment instruction from Conference Secretariat via email 


2) Telegraphic transfer:
Currency can be made in USD/HKD/RMB
Detailed banking information provided in below  2 forms, which can be downloaded from "Forms".


- Form 03 - Registration form
- Form 05 - Payment instruction for Registration (online payment and TT)
- Form 06-Registration check list


Group registration:

-  Group of 5 or above:      5% discount.   

-  Group of 10 or above:   10% discount.   

-  Group of 15 or above :  15% discount

-  Group of 20 or more:    20% discount.




-  Group registration fee must be paid by registered group/company/institute.

-  Payment from individual member is not accepted.

- Refund requested by individual member is not acceptable.


Click here to download: 03gp-Group-Registration-Form



Cancellation Policies:

All cancellations must be made in writing to the conference secretariat via email to


Please pay attention to the following refund policy:

Email on or before June 30, 2019,  50% of the amount refundable (10% handling fee will be applied.)
Email after  June 30, 2019 No refund