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homeTextile Bioengineering and Informatics Society (TBIS) is a charitable organization created to foster, develop and promote all aspects of science and technology in bioengineering of materials, fibers and textiles, and to study how fibers, textiles and clothing influence human biology, medicine, behavior and health, as well as human living environments.
  • To advance concepts and explore knowledge in textile bioengineering from the molecular to the human-textile-environment systems;
  • To develop innovative materials, fibers, devices, and apparel products for protection, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease;
  • To promote multidisciplinary research and collaborations from nano science, nanotechnology, chemistry, physics, biology, medicine science, material science, textile science and technology, clothing science and technology, mathematics, computer science and informatics, human physiology, anthropology, to fashion design, engineering design and interior design;
  • To encourage the participation of the entire scientific community related to the advancement of the science, engineering and technology related to fiber bioengineering;
  • To promote high quality and high impact cross-discipline and cross-institution research;
  • To recognize outstanding achievement in basic and applied bioengineering research in fiber bioscience, bioengineering and biotechnology at the graduate student level;
  • To recognize distinguished professional achievement in basic and applied research in fiber bioscience, bioengineering and biotechnology by awarding distinguished achievement award to scientists;
  • To recognize an outstanding contribution to fiber bioscience, bioengineering and biotechnology by awarding the Founders’ Award to a professionally active scientist;
  • To disseminate the knowledge of scientific findings, technology innovations and product innovations to populations worldwide for promoting healthy life styles with use of biomaterials and biofunctional fibers and eco-textiles by establishing official journal, developing open knowledge portals and technology platforms;
  • To develop standards and technology platforms for disseminating the knowledge and promoting healthy life styles and environmental sustainability by designing, engineering, manufacturing, evaluating, using and recycling eco-materials, fibers and textiles.

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